The Best Exercises for Powerful Glutes | Six Great Workouts

The Best Exercises for Powerful Glutes | The Best Glute Workouts

The Best Workouts for Powerful Glutes | 6 Top Glute Exercises

There are a lot of different workouts and glute exercises that can help you get the legs and buttocks that you want. But if you're looking for our recommend best glute exercise, to not just tone and strengthen your lover body but to improve your athletic performance and prevent knee and back pain, you should try these great lower body and glute workouts.

Strong glutes make it easier to do everyday activities such as walking up stairs or standing for long periods of time. They also help with sports such as running, cycling and jumping.

The best way to strengthen your glutes is by doing exercises that target them directly like squats, lunges, bridges and hip thrusts.

So with that in mind lets check out Six Great Glute and Lower body Exercise 

Growing your glutes can be a bit of a process, but there are things you can do to help speed up the growth. Focusing on exercises that target the gluteal muscles and adding them into your weekly workout routine will help. For many people, results can be seen in as little as a few months with this method. Remember to gradually increase either the weight or repetitions each week, and make sure you're getting enough protein in your diet. These things will help ensure that the muscle continues to grow at a healthy rate.

Floor Hip Raises

Floor Hip Raises

Hip thrusts, glute bridge or raises are a popular exercise that can be performed anywhere. They are not only beneficial for your glutes but also for your core, lower back, and hamstrings which help to make hip raises an ideal workout for improving lower body strength and balance.

Hip raise can be performed without weights simply by lying on the floor or by using weights such as a barbell they are a bit like a glute bridge but involve more speed.

If your looking for a slower hip trust type of workout with added resistance why not try a barbell glute bridge which will aid in glute engagement.

How to perform a Hip Raise?

Hip raises or thrusts are very easy to perform.

  1. Start by lying on your back flat on your yoga mat
  2. Keeping your shoulders and Feet flat on the floor
  3. Lift your hips towards the celling in a controlled manner
  4. If using weights hold the bar across your hips to add resistance
  5. Then lower yourself back to the starting position
  6. Aim to complete 8-12 reps over several sets 

The benefits of a Hip Thrust

- Increased pelvic stability

- Improved balance

- Better alignment for back exercises

- Improved glute strength and shape


Sumo Super Squats

glute exercise number 2 the sumo squat

Sumo squats are one of the most well-known exercises and best glute exercises to get a toned butt and thighs. This exercise is great for building muscle in your legs, improving balance, and strengthening your core.

The sumo squat variation improves the efficiency of the traditional squat when it comes to building fuller glute and buttock muscles. It targets muscles that are not typically engaged in the traditional squat, such as the thighs, groin, and buttocks, It is also great at exercising the inner thighs

How to perform a Sumo Squat?

Infographic on how to do a sumo squat

How to Start

  1. Start with your feet wide apart, toes pointed outward in a crouched position
  2. With your elbows resting on your thighs, power through to a standing position
  3. Keep your back straight and keep you arms in a yoga pose close to your chest
  4. Lower back down with an enthesis on keeping wide legs as you crouch

The benefits of doing Sumo Squat

- Strengthens hips and thighs

- Improves flexibility in the hip joint

- Reduces stress on the knee joints

- Increases strength in all muscles surrounding the hip joint

If you fancy mixing it up a bit why not try some bulgarian split squats by checking out this blog bulgarian split squat


Cable Glute Kickbacks 

Cable Operated Glute Workout

We are a big fan of variable resistance exercise equipment and cable kickbacks are a great exercise for your glutes and hamstrings, and can seriously increase the strength and size of the buttock muscles. 

Your going to be exercising one leg and one glute at a time during this but its a great exercise to bring targeted gains to your butt!

How to perform a cable glute exercise? 

A cable restrictive glute exercise begins with you standing and facing the a single cable machine with the pulley on the lowest setting.

After selecting the required weight, you will need a ankle attachment for the cable, once all attached hold onto the cable machine in a safe manner, making sure of any hazard from moving parts and weights, and raise your leg backwards with a straight knee in a slow and controlled manner.

The benefits of doing cable kickbacks

- Improve the strength of your lower body

- Boost the metabolism of your body

- Helps to align the hips

- Targeted glute workout

- Helps to prevent back pain


Steps and Box Jumps

Steps and Box Jumps

Step-up Glute Exercise is one of the best glute exercises and a great conditioning exercise and will help you develop your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius giving you stronger glutes and allowing explosive leg power while also saving your lower back. This movement can be performed with either one leg or two and is a fantastic way to build unilateral strength and stability.

How to perform a Step Exercises? 

Your essentially going to be doing lots of stepping here, so try and get low down and put the enthesis on putting the maximum toning on your legs and glutes. 

Good places to do the exercise are as follows.

  1. Use a stepper to get down low and undertake kickbacks.
  2. Use a high stepper or Plyo box to step up and down
  3. Complete box jumps
  4. Go Rocky Style and runs up and down some stairs
  5. For a better effect hold weight whilst training

The benefits of step exercise

- Improve cardiovascular health

- Strengthens the leg muscles and joints

- Improves balance and stability

- Increases muscle strength in the lower body

- High rate cardio - Weight loss and heart health


The wall sit

The wall sit exercise is great for toning your legs and glutes

The wall sit is a classic exercise, that requires a lot of endurance and strength to complete, this once can be completed without any weight but for the best muscle building we are going to use weights with this one.

It's super simple to complete and its a lot harder than it looks, so be sure to give it a go for its great toning and supporting muscle workout.

How to complete a wall sit

  1. Start by standing with your back against a wall and your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Bend your knees until they're at a right angle, and hold this position for 1 minute
  3. Its a very simple exercise, just pretend your sitting again a wall with a chair, add weight to your legs in order to increase the effect of the exercise.

The benefits of doing a wall sit

- Great for building your core strength

- Low impact exercise

- Targeted training for your glutes and hamstrings.

- Mental health benefits - Wall sits can help you focus and stay in the present


Dumbbell Lunges or a Walking Lunge

Dumbbell lunges exercise

Walking lunges are a great exercise to target the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps, they are very simple to perform but we are going to add some weight here to increase the workload.

Lunges are best undertaken with a bit of room, so don't be afraid to get out in the yard if your working out from home. 

How to complete a dumbbell lunge

Infographic on how to complete a lunge exercise

1) Stand with feet together and hands beside hips with a dumbbell in each hand.

2) Step forward with one foot, bending the front knees until your thigh is parallel to the ground, your knee should be roughly at 90 degree angles, then step forward alternating which leg is in front of the other.

If you don't have the room to step forward simply step back into the standing position and step forward again but with the other leg this time. 

Repeat this for around 20 lunges, alternating sides for every step

Look to complete around 4 sets of lunges for the best results 

The benefits of dumbbell lunges

A great way to strengthen the muscles in your lower body is to do lunges. Lunges are a compound exercise which means that it works more than one muscle group at a time. This is why it is one of the best exercises for strengthening your butt and ensuring good leg workout training.

Benefits of lunges:

- Strengthens the glutes and quadriceps

- Improves balance

- Improves coordination

- Increases flexibility in hips, hamstrings, and calf muscles

- Increases cardio vascular endurance


The Benefits of Powerful Glutes Summarised

The Benefits of Powerful Glutes Summarised

The glutes, which consist of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus, are some of the most important muscles in the body. They play a critical role in stabilizing the pelvis, hips, and spine, and are involved in nearly every movement of the lower body, from walking and running to squatting and jumping.

One of the primary benefits of having powerful glutes is improved athletic performance. The glutes are involved in many explosive movements, such as jumping and sprinting, so strengthening these muscles can help to improve speed, power, and agility. This can be especially important for athletes who participate in sports like soccer, basketball, and track and field.

In addition to improving athletic performance, strong glutes can also help to improve posture and reduce the risk of lower back pain. Because the glutes are involved in stabilizing the pelvis and spine, weak or underdeveloped glutes can lead to poor posture and increased stress on the lower back. Strengthening these muscles can help to counteract these effects and promote better alignment and spinal stability.

Building glute muscles can also have aesthetic benefits. The glutes are a major muscle group in the body, and training them can help to create a more defined and toned appearance. This can improve overall body confidence and self-esteem, particularly for those who are looking to enhance the appearance of their buttocks and legs.

Finally, glute exercises can be an effective way to burn calories and promote weight loss or weight maintenance. The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, and training them can help to increase overall muscle mass, which in turn can lead to a higher metabolic rate and greater calorie burn. This can be particularly helpful for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Some of the best glute exercises include squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, and glute bridges. These exercises can be performed with bodyweight, free weights, or resistance bands, and can be modified to suit a range of fitness levels and goals. Incorporating these exercises into a regular fitness routine can help to promote stronger, more functional, and aesthetically pleasing glutes, with a range of benefits for overall health and fitness.

Consider using a Personal Trainer 

Consider using a Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer when training glutes can offer several benefits when it comes to improving your glute muscles and lower body muscles, allowing you to get the best glute exercises.

  • Personal trainers can help to create a tailored workout plan that is specifically designed to target the glutes and achieve the individual's goals, whether that's building strength, improving athletic performance, or enhancing aesthetics.
  • Trainers can provide guidance on proper form and technique for glute exercises, which is essential for avoiding injury and maximizing results.
  • They can offer motivation and support throughout the training process, helping to keep clients accountable and on track toward their goals.
  • Trainers can also offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle factors that can support glute training, such as proper hydration and recovery techniques.
  • Finally, working with a personal trainer can help to ensure that clients are progressing at a safe and effective pace, avoiding plateaus or overtraining that can lead to burnout or injury.

Overall, having a personal trainer can be an effective way to optimize glute training ensuring a range of motion is used during your gym sessions allowing the very best glute exercises to be undertaken which will help achieve the desired results, with a range of benefits for health, fitness, and overall well-being.


Exercising the lower body and glutes is important because it helps to improve your flexibility by working and stretching ligaments, improve balance from improved core strength and fitness and, It also helps to prevent injuries by strengthening, bones, ligaments and supporting muscles.

Due to the lower body large muscle mass, its also a great place to engage for losing weight as the larger the muscle the higher the caloric burn rate.



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