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About the home fitness store

Welcome to the home fitness store, As regular gym users ourself we see the importance of staying in shape and the unique advantages that can be gained by using fitness machines, trainers and weights.

But let's face it who has time to goto the gym? and with so many of us being inside the last year! It's never been harder to stay in shape. We want to change this, so we started the Home Fitness Store.

The Home Fitness Store was born with the vision of providing Quality Gym and Yoga Products for your Home Gym Setup. We have since expanded this to provide quality Gym Clothing and Activewear in a great and vast stylish range. 

We are able to offer you products in two ways, for our Fitness clothing, activewear and gym apparatus, we utilise a range of suppliers to bring you amazing quality direct to your door. 

For larger items and specialist fitness equipment like squat racks or treadmills, we link out to one of our partners sites, by doing this we are able to give you a vast range of products all in one places, allowing you to create your perfect home gym.


By us selling our own products and also linking out to other stores we have created a unique store offering you the best of both worlds. So What's in it for us and you?

  • For you, you get the item quicker to your door, with cost savings and we are also able to offer you an amazing range of products. For items bought directly from another site you often get official store support.
  • For us we get paid a small commission on each sale (without any additional cost to you) which helps us to run the site


We hope this site helps you to find great products to help you along your fitness and home gym journey, I know myself that items can be hard to find at local stores and online in the fitness world and this is why I created The Home Fitness Store. 






The Home Fitness Store
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