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Learn more about Vibration Plates

A vibration plate is also referred is a special exercise machine that sends ultra-high-speed vibrations throughout your body. The plate sends 30 to 50 muscle contractions per second, stimulating your muscle and transmitting energy to the rest of your body which can help to tone muscles, burn fat and lose weight.

The best vibration plate is effective in warm-up exercises, post-workout recovery and enhances your workout process. You can add this machine as part of your home gym if you are interested in enhancing your exercise workout procedures.

Typically, most people use the vibrator machine for weight loss by performing exercises such as pushups, crunches, and squats while the machine is vibrating. According to research, the vibration plates are effective in the following ways, and you should add the machine to your home gym if you are looking for a discreet way to work out.

Vibration Plates for Weight Loss

Vibration plates are useful for people looking to tone and lose weight they can be great to trim that excess belly fat and general bodyweight loss. If you regularly use the vibration plates with a combination of weight-loss diets, your weight reduction journey will be more successful.

According to experts, using a vibration plate is the same as running on the treadmill and will work wonders for your weight reduction journey. The faster contractions you experience on the machine helps in the metabolism of fat.

Vibration Plates for Muscle Toning

Vibration power plate move with high frequencies averaging 30 to 50 vibrations in one second. The higher frequency helps to contract your muscles which will strengthen your muscle fibers in an effective manner helping to improve muscle strength. The vibration machine allows you to perform exercises primarily aimed at developing a fit physique that largely emphasizes your musculature.

This machine will allow you to achieve reduced fat levels in your body while achieving a more defined muscle shape and improve muscle strength.

Muscle toning helps to strengthen muscles, maintaining a stable posture, and minimizing the risk of osteoporosis. The exercises can also help in maintaining and improving your mental health.

Increase your Metabolic Rate with Vibration Plates

Adding home gym exercise equipment helps you control your general body fitness, physical health, and mental health all from your own home. One benefit of investing in a decent vibration plate is increasing your metabolic rate which can help to burn calories.

Your body’s metabolic rate might be low due to poor eating habits or adopting a sedentary life. Performing various exercises on the vibration plate, such as stretches, squats, or crunches, stimulates your metabolism.

The exercises help in the faster burning of calories and, in the long run, increase your metabolic rate and help you achieve a leaner body. A high metabolic rate will mean that your body can use energy even when you are sleeping. Thus your body will have a good metabolism, and you will be more healthy.


Vibration Plates can Lower your Stress Levels

Heightened cortisol hormone levels lead to high-stress levels, anxiety levels, and feeling gloomy all the time. High levels of anxiety can disturb your normal sleep-wake cycle. Working out on the vibration plate is a mind-blowing activity that helps take away your mind from stressful events.

You can use the vibration plate to help engage in fun and exciting exercises. Also, you can use the device as a massage tool that indirectly soothes your muscles and relaxes your brain. The soothing effect of the machine will activate the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are feel-good hormones.

Vibration Plates can Help Post-workout Recovery

After indulging in strenuous exercises, your limbs, muscles, or joints will feel sour, and you might experience mild to moderate pain. Typically, resting or standing on the vibration plate helps increase blood flow to your muscles which can help reduce body aches and pains even within the upper body.

Additionally, bed-ridden people or simply recovering from major illnesses will highly benefit from this machine as part of home gym exercise equipment. The high-frequency vibration frequencies from the machine help in better blood flow and stimulate your muscles, which is beneficial for the quick recovery of your muscles.

Vibration Training can Strengthen your Bones

Vibration training significantly helps increase bone strength and mineral density. The vibration frequencies stimulate your bones and make them more compact, especially in menopausal women. At the time of menopause, women tend to experience a high rate of bone loss and can make them vulnerable to osteoporosis which makes the bones brittle and susceptible to fractures.

The exercises you perform on a vibrator machine for weight loss puts pressure on your bones which helps make your bones stronger and healthier bones. As a result, your body will build more tissue around the bones to ensure they are stronger. You can also perform various balance exercises, which minimizes your risks of falling, The easy home use of vibration platforms also makes this an easy benefit to achieve.

7 Exercises to Perform on the Vibration Plate

An average of ten minutes on the vibration plate can significantly help you in the weight reduction journey. However, it would be best if you combined it with a proper diet regime. Depending on the model of the machine, you can perform the exercises either in a standing position, sitting, or lying on your back.

The exercises mainly vary from dynamic to static exercises. Static exercises are when you are stationary when the vibrations on the machine are occurring. At the same time, dynamic exercises involve moving your body when experiencing various frequencies of vibrations on the machine. It is integral to perform the exercises while the machine is still vibrating to increase the vibrations and amount of calories you burn.



Some of the exercises you can perform with this versatile machine include:

· Squats-one of the easiest exercise to perform on your home gym exercise equipment. You can perform the exercise by supporting yourself on the bar. This exercise is useful in building your muscle tone around the thighs and gluteal region.

· Plank

· Crunches

· Lunges

· Hip flexor

· Pushups

· Leg raises

Key Takeaway

The research about the effectiveness of the vibration plates is still inconclusive, and it's not quite clear how the vibrations help gain a leaner body or burn fat. However, the vibration plates are a good addition to your working-out plans. The machines are effective if you already have a robust workout program. If you are jump-starting your weight reduction journey, ensure to also adopt a healthy diet in your routine.

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