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If you're looking for the perfect mix of support and comfort, you'll want to check out our sports bras. They're a stylish addition to any fitness wardrobe and they're ideal for a variety of activities, from low-impact gym workouts to yoga and Pilates.

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More about sports bra's

Things to consider when selecting your Sports Bra

What intensity is your exercise going to be at? Decide what type of workout you are going to be doing and therefore the level of impact, for Low-Intensity exercises like yoga - compression sports bras can be a good choice and are fine for low to medium impacts. High-Intensity however like intense cardio will require an encapsulation sports bra.

Pick the correct material! Like moisture-wicking fabrics: Choose bras in moisture-wicking fabrics which help to cut back the quantity of sweat, and thus the likelihood of chafing. Also, it also helps to select ones that are seamless to avoid any irritations.

Get the correct support! Don't sacrifice on support: If you've got a much bigger bust, choose something that gives more support within the style of your bra straps. The wider the better and choose a bra that has more cushioning for added support.

In fact, no matter your breast size a number, the best sports bras are ones that are designed with side panels and added layers as they provide much more support, and thus comfort.

Make sure it fits correctly! Test it out: If your bust spills out over the top of the bra, if your breasts escape to the bottom of your bra after you lift, or if the rear of the bra is pulling up above the front of the bra, then you've got the incorrect size.

Do not be afraid to try on multiple bras before you purchase them, and make certain to wave your arms and jump around to confirm that the fit is correct.

Pick the correct style: Sports Bra's like encapsulation bras are fantastic: they provide extra comfort by featuring a separate compartment for every breast. This reduces the bounce and offers better support than regular sports bras. 


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