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Rowing machines are a fabulous option for those looking to get a full-body workout with little to no impact on their joints. By rowing, you activate and tone multiple muscle groups at once - arms, back, core, and glutes - making it an excellent way to torch calories quickly. And because we know that finding the right rowing machine is important to you, we have a wide selection of rowing machines for sale to choose from.

In today's age, we all have a little more time on our hands to work out. Some of us are guilty of signing up for a gym membership only to realize the commute time simply works against our desire to pursue that tone-bod we've all been striving for. Luckily enough adding even one motivator in your home gym lessens the commute time and solves the dreaded disappointment of not using a traditional gym membership. An all-purpose solution can be the most ideal add-on for a seasoned at-home gym veteran, or for anyone interested in obtaining their first workout machine.

Consider the rowing machine as the go-to add-on. It has enough options to adjust workouts according to your personal desire, and simply beats waiting in line at the gym. If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with the noteworthy benefits of an at-home rowing machine, then fear not. We'll help you understand what you need to know about possibly obtaining your next rowing machine.


For starters, what exactly is a rowing machine? The structure of a rowing machine allows any user to get the same exercise as one moving along on a manually powered boat or kayak. In essence, as the name might suggest, you're rowing with the main difference being that you are at home. In a way, this is much like other machines that allow people to mimic activities for the purpose of reaping the benefits without being forced to venture too far out. Although kayaking may be regularly feasible for some of us, many of us rarely have the opportunity to hit the water all in the name of exercise. One of the primary uses of a rower is that it not only provides your arms with the movement and resistance that a body of water might provide, but it also activates the muscles in your core. Thus allowing anyone to strengthen and tone all while sitting down at home in a controlled environment.

You may be wondering what exercises such a piece of workout equipment allows for and what other benefits are ahead for any potential user. Well, just like many other pieces of workout equipment this one comes with a main benefit. The ability to increase or decrease resistance when training allows for maximum impact in your everyday routine.

But why is this important? In a few cases, machines don't necessarily allow for adjustments that can so readily create the ideal routine for any situation. Programs, for those who follow them, often require using multiple machines to substitute arm exercises and core exercises based on varying intensity. What many rowers appreciate is the versatility offered by such equipment. Take for instance the difference between a set of dumbells (which are certainly effective) and a rowing machine. Although it's always better to have both on hand, dumbbells are limited by weight or depend heavily on a user's ability to lift them. One benefit of a rower is that you automatically have enough leverage to achieve an equal workout, similar to dumbbells, with less effort. This ultimately leads to a lower risk on the part of a rowing machine owner.

An added use of a rowing machine is the ability to target the back, an area ignored by some machines but strengthened with this one. The more that you row (combined with higher tension, the more you engage your back muscles. A tone back not only helps your posture in the long run but also adds ease to other workouts.

Aside from lateral exercises engaging the back, some home gym advocates might be keener on building up their endurance. Once again, the rowing machine will have you covered without sacrificing much if anything apart from a bit of time. For this aim, it's best to start with medium intensity by adjusting your settings appropriately. Afterward, focus on increasing the amount of time in your workout steadily. While targeting for 40 minutes maybe a stretch if your average workout time is only about 15 minutes of high impact training, 30 minutes maybe a more realistic goal at the beginning, When doing endurance-based exercises always aim for higher goals over a longer period of time, rather than attempting to rush your progress. For those who are intermediate or advanced gym enthusiasts, 45 minutes of medium to high-intensity training will activate every part of your upper torso throughout the rowing process while providing the burn you've set out to achieve. Regardless of skill, it's always advised to aim for a safe routine as opposed to one that might promote careless injury. Consistency is key in building up stronger back muscles, defined arms, and a healthy body.

If you're looking for an ideal routine that you can change up from time to time based on varying workout goals, the rowing machine will be a great addition to any given home gym setup. With the ability to aim for endurance, strength, and overall efficiency throughout the process, there's little reason to over-exert yourself by starting off with a weight-based type of equipment. While not a full substitute to some exercises, the rowing machine will last you well into your advanced programs. Cutting calories on your break time, at home, is a desirable notion for most. The only task is usually finding the best way to maximize your results in the most efficient way possible. With little debate, an at-home rowing machine solves many of the common workout dilemmas all while remaining accessible to just about anyone.

In conclusion, the choice to secure a high-quality piece of equipment will be reasonable, especially with the benefits considered. For most of us looking for either a full-body exercise regimen or maximum results, the rowing machine fits well into each of these primary target goals. You'll find yourself more and more leaning towards using a rowing machine over even your old-reliable equipment at home for some of your longer exercises. Weigh the benefits and decide for yourself, you'll find that there's hardly any decision here - a row machine is a must-add for a home gym.

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