Busy Mums Fitness | 10 Great Tips to Stay in Shape

Top Exercise Tips for Busy Mums

Top Exercise Tips for Busy Mums | 10 Great Tips to Stay in Shape as a Busy Parent

Being a busy parent is tough, and one of the hardest things can be finding time to stay healthy and fit. Between work, the kids, and everything else, it can feel like there's just not enough time in the day to get a good workout in. But even just a few minutes of exercise each day can make a big difference. And there are plenty of ways to fit it into a busy schedule.

However when you see the benefits of exercise and that it can bring so many benefits to your life, creating a healthier and more fulfilled future. You will want to try and fit it in. 

Checkout out below our tips for busy mums and dads to fit a bit of exercise into your busy schedule!  

How exercise help busy parents?

How exercise help busy parents?

When you have a lot going on, it can be easy to choose work, parenting or the many other things on your plate over taking care of yourself, and your fitness goals might be the first thing to go by the wayside.

However, if you're constantly putting off your own needs in favor of completing tasks, it can lead to stress and burnout. Not taking time for yourself can be detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally, so it's important to make sure you're carving out time in your schedule to do things that make you happy and help you relax.

Prioritising your health and wellbeing will have a positive domino effect not just on you but also on your loved ones. Taking care of your physical health is important, of course, but did you know that exercise also does wonders for your mental health? For many parents, working out is the only time during the day where they can be alone and focus on themselves, even if it’s just for a short while. And we all know how important it is for parents to have some time to themselves!

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your health and wellbeing, consider adding some exercise into your daily routine. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

To broadly sum up the overall benefits of exercise.

  • Exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise can help improve mood, sleep, and self-esteem.
  • It has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes
  • It can also improve cognitive function and mental health by promoting brain cell growth in the hippocampus
  • Exercise strengthens the immune system by increasing levels of antibodies
  • It can also boost creativity
  • Exercise is a natural antidepressant that alleviates symptoms of depression

 You can easily see how exercising can be so beneficial to you and your love ones. 


Making time to exercise as a busy mum?

Making time to exercise as a busy mum?

Being a parent is a full-time job in and of itself, so it's understandable if you don't have as much time to hit the gym or workout like you did before having kids. Just remember that doing something is better than doing nothing at all. If that means you can only spare 15 minutes during nap time to do some bodyweight squats, core work, or any other exercises at home, then that's still great! Just getting a little sweat in is better than none at all.

Here are a few great ideas to fit in that extra bit of exercise

Fit some exercise in during your lunch breaks 

Fit some exercise in during your lunch breaks

If you find yourself struggling to make time for exercise, try working it into your lunch breaks. Even if you can't manage to get to the gym, something as simple as a 20-minute walk or job during your lunch break is a great way to get started.

Anything that gets your body moving and raises your heart rate will have benefits, the main benefit here is consistency, see if you can manager this at least 3 times a week.

If you fancy a bit more of an intensive workout, HIIT training is an excellent way to make the most of your time if you're able to get to the gym or have the space to workout at home during your lunch break.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and it's a great way to get a lot of movement done in a short amount of time, with results that are just as good as longer workout stretches.

This HIIT guide offers a range of workouts for different fitness levels. Some of the workouts can be done in as little as 5 minutes, while others may take up to 20 minutes. No matter what your fitness level is, there's a workout in this guide that's perfect for you.

If you lucky enough to have some gym or cardio equipment at home, it can be even easier to get that quick bit of exercise in, if not we would recommend checking out our cardio equipment and home gym weights to help you get in shape.


Get the family together for a walk

Get the family together for a walk

If your really struggling to get the time to go for a walk on your own, why not bring everyone along, that way everyone gets the benefits of getting outside for some fresh air, you can always take this time to do a bit of running and even some HIIT style sprints if you fancy higher intensity.

The benefits go far beyond just a bit of fitness, getting outside in nature is often overlooked when it comes to improving your mental state of mind. It will also be easier to go on longer walks or perhaps even hikes with your family by your side supporting you, so try and get the best out of your time walking.

Ideas to keep your children entertained 

The opportunities when outdoor are endless and if your looking for ideas to keep your children entertained you undertake a range of activities when outdoors. They can play games such as hide-and-seek, tag, explore new places, looks for bugs and have a game of hopscotch. They can also go on a picnic with their family or friends.

Some of the great benefits of outdoor activities for kids include:

  • They teach your children how to explore their surroundings
  • They allow your children to develop new skills, such as being aware of their surroundings, planning ahead, problem solving and sharing with others
  • They can help improve your child’s physical health by increasing their heart rate and strengthening muscles
  • They can also help improve your child’s mental health by helping them feel more relaxed, less stressed or anxious

Try and join an exercise class

try and join an exercise class to get your workout

Exercise classes are a great way for busy people to fit in a some exercise. They don’t require much planning and you can ensure your getting a good workout, and with most classes being under an hour, they can be a great way to schedule your time more efficiently and allow you to get the babysitters in.

Many gyms these days offer a range of classes with a range of time flexibility to help you achieve any fitness goals you may have, so whether you want to improve your cardio health, de-stress with some low impact yoga, improve your aerobic performance with a spin class, or sculpt and tone with a circuit class, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy! Plus, there are usually classes offered at different times throughout the day so you can pick one that fits into your schedule!

Involve your family in your home workouts

Involve your family in your home workouts

Introducing physical activity into your family routine can be really beneficial for you and your kids, without feeling like it's a drag. A 20-30 minute workout is just the right amount of time to get everyone moving and sweating, without being too long that the kids start to get restless. This can also be a great opportunity to show your children how exercise can be fun, and a great way to release energy!

With so many of us stuck indoors over the last few year, The amount of online resources to help stay fit has increased massively and you can find an array of exercise videos from sites like YouTube. So if your stuck for ideas just have a browse of the internet to find some great exercises for your family whilst at home.

To get you started why not try these home workouts

  • Push-ups: These are an oldie but goodie. You can do them anywhere and they are a great way to build upper body strength.
  • Wall squats: These are a great way to work on your lower body and core. They will help you improve your balance, too.
  • Planks: Planks are another oldie but goodie that has been around for ages. They work on your core and arm strength, as well as your abdominal muscles.
  • Lunges: Lunges are a great way to work on your hamstrings and glutes, both of which can be hard to target in the gym with machines or weights alone.
  • Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks are a fun cardio workout that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to do anywhere!

Hire some bikes or go cycling for the day

Hire some bikes or go cycling for the day

Going on a family bike ride is a great way to enjoy some time together while getting in some good exercise. If you have bikes, it's a perfect activity to do outdoors that everyone can enjoy.

If you have a young child, you may be able to use a kiddie trailer or bike seat to take them to nursery or school instead of using the car. This can be a good idea on days when it’s warmer and dry, as it will be lighter and you won’t have to worry about the car.

If you don't have many opportunities to cycle why not take your next vacation to an adventure or nature park and hire some bikes to explore the area whilst undertaking a family bike ride.


Two can lend a helping hand

Two heads are better than one

If you're a parent struggling to find time to exercise, why not reach out to other parents in similar situations? You could team up with them to take turns watching each other's kids, or arrange a day each week where you look after their kids while they work out. This way, you'll both get some free time every week to focus on your fitness goals. 


Once you have factored in the time to exercise try out these simple 10 great tips to get the best from your workouts

1. Eat more protein: Protein is essential for muscle building and repair, so it's important to make sure that you're getting enough. Try adding a protein shake to your diet, or eat some meat, eggs or fish.

2. Get moving: Exercise releases endorphins which will make you feel happier and more energised. It also helps to sleep better and improves mental health.

3. Join a class: If you're worried about not knowing how to do something, joining a class is the perfect way to get fit as well as learn new skills!

4. Set yourself achievable goals: It's important not to set yourself too high at the start of your fitness journey - it can be demoralising if you don't meet them straight away!

5. Keep track of your progress: Whether it's on an app or in a diary, it's important that you keep track of your progress so that you can see

6.  Keep a food journal: Diet is the most important thing with exercise keep track of your diet and track what works and what doesn't

7. Decide what you want to achieve: Create a plan and stick to, consistency is key to achieving your fitness goals and even more so when your juggling the busy life of a parent with limited energy.

8. Make sure you're getting enough sleep: This will help with muscle recovery, energy levels, and weight loss! 10) Reward yourself after each milestone reached

9. Spend time on something that brings you joy, whether it is a hobby or something else that brings you happiness! This might sound strange but the renewed energy from this will help you stay on track.

10. Surround yourself with positive people like minded fitness people to keep you motivated.


Get fit at home with some exercise equipment

Get fit at home with some exercise equipment

If you are struggling to get to the gym why not add some cardio equipment to your home setup, you could even integrate it into your living room so that you can still enjoy your favourite TV shows.


If your looking for a complete range of Home Fitness Equipment see our full range at the Home Fitness Corp

Exercise Bikes - Get the full benefits of cycling without leaving you home!

Cycling is an excellent way to get your heart pumping. Cardiovascular workouts like cycling on the echelon ex 15 help you focus on moving your legs in a rhythmic motion over a long period of time. By keeping this up for about 30 minutes, you'll make major improvements to your cardiovascular health by strengthening your heart and oxygen levels in the body

Exercise Bikes give the following health benefits

  • Increased Cardio Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Burn's Body Fat
  • Provides Low Impact Exercise
  • Builds Lower Body Strength
  • Provides Controlled Interval Training
  • Provides Improved Safety over Road Cycling

Exercise Bikes


Gym Treadmills - Get the full benefits of running without leaving you home!

One of the most well-known types of home exercise equipment is the treadmill. A treadmill is a very easy way to get some cardiovascular workouts, which are great for your heart health! Many people enjoy walking.

Treadmills provide a straightforward and efficient workout for individuals of varying fitness levels. For many people, a good thing about treadmills is that they can be used by those who find other kinds of exercise difficult or uncomfortable due to various back conditions or ailments they might have.

The best part? As you build up more physical strength and endurance, the treadmill can be used for jogging and/or interval training.

Gym Treadmills give the following health benefits

  • Easy and Natural to Use
  • Weight Loss
  • Burn's Body Fat
  • Provides Low Impact Exercise
  • Builds Lower Body Strength
  • Improves Posture
  • Walking Can Elevate many Aches and Pains
  • Provides Controlled Interval Training
  • Provides Improved Safety over Road Running
  • High Calorie Burn Rate when Running

Exercise Treadmills for sale at the Home Fitness Store

Home Gym Rope Training - Build Core Muscle and Strength with our Rope Trainers

Heavy ropes were originally introduced by the United States Marines.

These heavy ropes have since become a staple in training regimens for many professional sports teams, Mixed Martial Arts fighters, and even athletes across the board that are looking to improve their agility, flexibility and muscle strength. It’s an extremely effective form of exercise that not only boosts cardio but also sculpts muscle creating leaner physiques. 

Rope Training gives the following health benefits

  • Weight Loss
  • Burn's Body Fat
  • Provides High Intensity Exercise
  • Builds Lower, Upper & Core Strength
  • Builds Muscle
  • High Calorie Burn Rate
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Full Body Workout

Gym Rope Trainers

Cardio Rowing Machines - Train for Cardio and Muscles at the same time.

Rowing machine benefits spread beyond the physical. It's unique ability to target 85% of your body is just the beginning, as it also improves posture and tones limbs so people who start including rowing in their workout routines will understand why it's been a staple for physiques for over 150 years.

Rowing Machines give the following health benefits

  • Weight Loss
  • Burn's Body Fat
  • Provides Varying Intensity Levels
  • Builds Lower, Upper & Core Strength
  • Builds Muscle
  • High Calorie Burn Rate
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Full Body Workout
  • Tones hard to get places
  • Improves Back & Ab Strength

Home Gym Rowing Machines direct to your door from the Home Fitness Store


Browse our Amazing Range of Home Gym Weights

Our Amazing Range of Gym Weights

If you have aspirations to building a toned or muscles body or getting an elusive six-pack, strength training will be the key component to making it happen.

However, even if it's not your objective to maximize muscle size, strength training might still be the best way to meet your health goals. 

Why's that? Building muscle is a great way to burn more calories at rest. And when your muscles are bigger and stronger, they'll also help you perform better everyday activities and have more energy.

Weight Training is perfect for building these muscles and a healthier and more toned body, The best way to achieve this is to utilise a vast range of Strength Training Equipment we have available at the Home Fitness Store

If however your looking to use Free-Weights to train which often give you the best all round workout, Have a look at our vast collection available below.


Dumbbells - The must have Weight for any Gym.

Dumbbells are the swiss army knife of the gym, their balanced design gives great flexibility in their use allowing you to undertake a range of exercises.

They work greatly with the assistance of a gym bench so be sure to check out our selection of benches as well.

Buying your set of Dumbbells can seem expensive at first, but its the one bit of equipment your going to use every session and a good set of Dumbbells will last a lifetime.

Dumbbell Weights give the following benefits

  • Versatile Range of Exercise's
  • Balanced in the Hand
  • Great for Chest, Arms, Legs, Core
  • Builds Lower, Upper & Core Strength
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Exercises include Lunges, Flys, Chest Press, Arm Curls, Hammer Curls, Skull-Crushers, Shoulder Press, Wrist Curl, Shrugs, Calf Raise

Our Range of Gym Dumbbells for sale at the Home Fitness Store 

Ketlebells - Train for Rapid and Specialized movements.

Kettlebells are a great addition to any gym, they can be used for rapid movements like Snatches or used to add weight to exercises like Shrugs.

They are great for exercises involving two hands on one weight such as through the leg exercises. 

Kettlebells give the following benefits

  • Great for Rapid Movements
  • Can be used for Incline Press-ups
  • Builds Grip and Wrist Strength
  • Good for two Hand one Weight setups
  • Exercises include Lunges, Hammer Curls, Skull-Crushers, Wrist Curl, Shrugs, Incline Press-ups, Squats, Calf Raise

 Our range of Gym Kettlebells for sale at the home fitness corp


Olympic Plates - Pro level bar workouts

Olympic Plates and Bars, provide an impressive range of exercise that can be used across the whole body to tone and build muscle mass.

Olympic Plates are the most versatile plates as they can be used for bar exercises or as a substitute for other weights with certain exercises.

They are the bullet proof weight of the gym and will last you a lifetime.  

Olympic Plates and Bars give the following benefits

  • Used a Range of Bar Exercises
  • Bullet Proof and Strong
  • Work with a large range of Weight Machines
  • Can be used without a bar
  • Can be used for all over body workouts
  • Exercises include Squats, Chest Press, Preacher Press, Shrugs, Shoulder Press, Skull-Crusher, Arm Extensions, Floor Lifts, Dips, Tons of Weight Machines use Olympic Plates, such as Smith Machines, Chest Press Machines, Shoulder Press Machines etc, 



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