Can You Workout Whilst Pregnant? | What Exercises are Safe During Your Pregnancy?

Working out and Training When Pregnant? - What Exercises can you undertake during your Pregnancy?

Working out and Training When Pregnant? - What Exercises can you undertake during your Pregnancy?

When your pregnant your body has to go through a huge range of changes and maintaining your fitness levels during pregnancy is important for a variety of health reasons.

It helps keep you healthy not just during your pregnancy, but also gives your body the strength it needs to cope with labour. Additionally, staying fit during pregnancy makes it easier for you to get back into shape again post-pregnancy.

There are a lot of different opinions out there about whether or not it is safe to exercise while pregnant. However, exercising whilst pregnant is a very healthy option to undertake, the UK's NHS has even stated that women who do exercise regularly are actually less likely to experience problems during pregnancy and labor.

It is important to keep in mind, though, things like what type of exercise you are doing as well as your fitness levels before you became pregnant, as those will also affect how much your body can cope with and will form the basis of the workouts you will want to undertake.

Here at The Home Fitness Corp, we want to help you stay active and safe during your pregnancy. We've put together a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to exercise, so you can keep moving without worry.

What Exercises can I Undertake When Pregnant 

Include a bit of Walking

Include a bit of Walking 
Taking a brisk walk can be a great way to get consistent and gentle exercise with less risk to your pregnancy than running.

It helps to keep you fit and active by working your legs muscles and improving your aerobic capacity.

Walking can easily be built into an everyday routine, make walking a part of your pregnancy exercise plan by adding in 20-40 minutes of walking each day, whether outside or on a treadmill at home. A compact treadmill like the Ancheer treadmill can be a good choice here

What about running?

For those who are used to running, you may be able to continue at a slower pace that is adapted to your pregnancy under the supervision of your doctor or midwife. However, for those whose bodies aren't used to the activity, a lower impact exercise may be more advisable.

Give Yoga a try

Give Yoga a try

Yoga is an excellent pregnancy exercise that can undertaken at almost any location. It helps keep muscles toned and flexible while providing a low-impact workout that can be easily tailored to your needs as your pregnancy progresses. Even if you're new to yoga.

Yoga also benefits from having a colt following so you will be able to find a vast array of Yoga Tips and Tricks that are tailored to Pregnant Women.

Take up Swimming

Take up Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic way to stay active and fit during pregnancy. It is a low-impact activity that helps to ease stress on your body, especially during the third trimester. The water can help support your weight and lighten your load, making it a great option for those looking for safe and effective exercise.


Using a Gym Exercise Bike

Using a Gym Exercise Bike

Exercising during pregnancy is crucial for both you and your baby, and a stationary bike is a great way to do it. You're less likely to fall off a stationary bike than a regular bike, so it's safer for you and your baby.

Cardio Gym Bikes can be a good option because they come with many adjustable options like echelon's popular ex 15, you can raise or lower the seat and position it forward or backwards to ensure you are comfortable during you workout.

Learn how to Choose the Best Stationary Exercise Bike


Add a bit of Strength Training 

Add a bit of Strength Training

Strength training is a great way to get your muscles in shape and your bones strong. However, it is important to make sure that the weights you are using are not too heavy. This is especially true when your Pregnant, so you might be asking why we recommend Strength Training?

The reason is because Strength Training brings a wide array of benefits from improved mental health, better muscle and bone strength, improved cardiovascular ability, lower cancer risk and improved flexibility to name just a few. See all of The benefits of Strength Training

When undertaking any kind of exercise when pregnant always ensure you consult a doctor or a qualified health professional before beginning any new workout routine to ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk for injury.

If you do choose to undertake Strength Training be sure to use lighter weights and make sure you are well supported and comfortable during your workout.


The Worst Exercises to do during pregnancy

The Worst Exercises to do during pregnancy

Pregnant women should avoid any exercise that causes stress on their bodies. This includes high-impact activities like running, jogging, or aerobics.

As a General Rule you should avoid activities that put undue stress on your body. These can included

  • Contact sports like Martial arts, Rugby, American Football, Boxing etc that may result in excessive strain or injury to your bump or baby.

  • Ball sports like Hockey, Ice Hockey, Football, Tennis, Rugby or American Football where you are at risk of something striking you.

  • Sports played at height like Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Horse Riding.

This is just a small selection of activities, be sure to consult with your doctor before undertaking any new exercise or sporting activities when pregnant and if your not sure, consider low impact exercising like swimming and walking instead to put the least amount of strain on your body.


The Benefits of Exercising whilst Pregnant Summarised 

The Benefits of Exercising whilst Pregnant Summarised

Exercising during pregnancy can have significant benefits for both the mother and baby.

Moderate intensity aerobic activity can be defined as exercise that increases the heart rate and breathing rate, but does not leave the individual feeling exhausted or out of breath. Examples of moderate intensity aerobic activity that are safe for most pregnant women include brisk walking, swimming, and cycling. Engaging in regular exercise during pregnancy has been shown to improve overall physical and mental health, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality.

In addition to aerobic exercise, strength training exercises can also be beneficial during pregnancy. These exercises can help maintain muscle mass and strength, reducing muscle weakness affecting balance, which can be beneficial during labor and delivery. However, it is important to use caution when engaging in strength training exercises during pregnancy, as improper form or lifting too much weight can increase the risk of injury.

Pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises, are another important aspect of exercise during pregnancy. These exercises involve contracting and relaxing the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can help prevent urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor issues postpartum. Pelvic floor exercises can be done at any time, anywhere, and are safe for most pregnant women.

It is important to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program during pregnancy. Women who have certain medical conditions or complications during pregnancy may be advised to avoid or limit exercise. Additionally, women who were not active before pregnancy may need to start with a lower intensity exercise program and gradually increase intensity and duration as their fitness level improves. It is also worth nothing to avoid any over strenuous exercise and contact sports. 

In summary, engaging in moderate intensity aerobic activity as part of an exercise program during pregnancy offers numerous benefits, including reducing the risk of gestational diabetes, promoting healthy weight gain, and improving overall physical and mental health. Pelvic floor exercises are also important to maintain during pregnancy to reduce the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction postpartum.

It is important to consult with a healthcare provider before beginning any exercise during pregnancy, avoid contact sports and to listen to your body and adjust your exercise routine as needed and to stop exercising immediately if any discomfort, warning signs or pain is felt.


The Home Fitness Store provides a range of equipment which can help you stay in shape when pregnant

The Home Fitness Store provides a range of equipment which can help you stay in shape when pregnant

We provide a large range of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the swiss army knife of the gym, their balanced design gives great flexibility in their use allowing you to undertake a range of exercises.

They work greatly with the assistance of a gym bench so be sure to check out our selection of benches as well.

Buying your set of Dumbbells can seem expensive at first, but its the one bit of equipment your going to use every session and a good set of Dumbbells will last a lifetime.

Dumbbell Weights give the following benefits

  • Versatile Range of Exercise's
  • Balanced in the Hand
  • Great for Chest, Arms, Legs, Core
  • Builds Lower, Upper & Core Strength
  • Improves Grip Strength
  • Exercises include Lunges, Flys, Chest Press, Arm Curls, Hammer Curls, Skull-Crushers, Shoulder Press, Wrist Curl, Shrugs, Calf Raise

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Our range of Stationary Exercise Bikes 

Cycling is an excellent way to get your heart pumping. Cardiovascular workouts like cycling help you focus on moving your legs in a rhythmic motion over a long period of time. By keeping this up for about 30 minutes, you'll make major improvements to your cardiovascular health by strengthening your heart and oxygen levels in the body

Exercise Bikes give the following health benefits

  • Increased Cardio Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Burn's Body Fat
  • Provides Low Impact Exercise
  • Builds Lower Body Strength
  • Provides Controlled Interval Training
  • Provides Improved Safety over Road Cycling

Exercise Bikes


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